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NFR Travel Russia is an official travel company who pride itself on tailor-made, high-end and utterly unique Russian travel experiences. Our itineraries are centered around bold, original ideas, and are executed with unrivalled customer care. We will tailor a personalized journey through the main cities and/or the vast Russian wilderness; we combine new experiences with complete comfort and impeccable service.

At NFR Travel we are dedicated to providing a high level of care; we focus on customer safety and comfort above all else, and we have a thorough understanding of international standards and the expectations of foreign travelers.
NFR Travel was founded in 2016 and our name is an abbreviation of ‘Natasha from Russia’ —the nickname given by friends to our founder, Natasha Tochilenko, for her love of travelling around her native Russia.


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NFR Travel Team

We are a team of professionals creating unique and authentic insider experiences. Every trip is designed from scratch for each new customer according to their interests and needs — we don’t believe in ‘one size fits all’ when it comes to travel. Our mission is to challenge the persistent stereotypes associated with Russia, and to inspire visitors to travel to this truly unique country.

Natalia Tochilenko


Anna Iamshanova

Lina Sulyaeva

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