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About company

NFR Travel is an official tour operator that offers bespoke tours to Russia. We create unique tours to Russia’s unknown corners and nature reserves for passionate, curious travelers who search for unforgettable adventures and once-in-a-lifetime experiences.

Our mission is to challenge the stereotypes about Russia and to inspire visitors to travel around this unique country. There’s so much more to Russia than Moscow and the Trans-Siberian railway!

At NFR Travel we are dedicated to providing a high level of service, we focus on safety and comfort, we have a real knowledge of international quality standards and foreign travelers’ expectations. To deliver this level of experience, we offer only individual trips, where clients can choose everything from the dates of travel, the number of people in the group, to nutrition during the expeditions.

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Our philosophy

  • We are passionate: we love Russia and want to share its beauty with like-minded travelers
  • We are wild and curious: we design our original travel itineraries away from the crowd
  • We are safety and comfort focused: given the remote locations and wilderness of our trips, we pay utmost attention to the safety and comfort of our clients
  • We are bespoke: we understand every person’s needs and interests are different — so all our original itineraries can be tailored to our clients’ preferences
  • We are open-minded: we believe that travel has an enormous power to change us, open our horizons and remind us of what is really important in life
  • We are responsible: we care about nature and wildlife and say «no» to hunting and environment pollution