Siberia: A secret camp far from civilization:

Siberia is justifiably renowned for its unique beauty. Nature in Siberia reigns supreme: lofty mountains, lakes and waterfalls, rapid rivers and the endless taiga. For many years people have been coming here to relax and escape the hustle and bustle of city life, to feel its spiritual power and find harmony within. We invite you to our secret camp, located right at the foot of the mysterious Mount Belukha far from the tourist scene. Find yourself in the very heart of Russia and enjoy trekking  in the gorgeous mountain landscapes.

Thanks to my trips to Altai, I know myself better. Nature there is worthy of some serious appreciation, it’s the ideal place for yoga and meditation. We have hand picked some of the best yoga instructors and personal trainers, who can easily join this trip with you.

— Natasha


Day 1
Welcome to the camp!

The plane from Moscow arrives at Gorno-Altaysk airport (UTC+7), where you’ll be welcomed by NFR Travel team. We move to the helipad and start our 90 min flight on board an MI-8 helicopter. During the flight, we’ll enjoy phenomenal landscapes of the Katunsky Ridge and Mount Belukha.

Accommodation in the camp, rest and acclimatization. Dinner and discussion of the next day’s schedule.

Day 2
Quiet trekking through the taiga

The route of 10km is planned just so that get used to the mountains, the scenery but without tiring you out. The route passes through the taiga forest where you can pick all sorts of mushrooms and berries there as well as honeysuckle, blackcurrants and strawberries. You can even go horse-riding for part of the way, if you wish. The last spot of today’s trek gives you unforgettable views of Mount Belukha and the Yedygem River.

Day 3
To the Mensu Waterfall

Today’s route will be more difficult: we will trek for 16km through the taiga forest and glacial moraine (debris and rocks) to see the enormous waterfall at Mensu which rumbles noisily. At the end of the route, we’ll stop for lunch then return to the camp.

Day 4
And relax…

A day to relax or take a horse ride to one of the valleys.

Day 5
Trekking in the valley of Kurkure River

Today we have a difficult route — a 10 km walk into the wild valley of Kurkure River. Crossing the Mensu River, we’ll climb the narrow paths to the pass to enjoy breathtaking views of the Yedygem River valley.

Afterwards, we will go to a secret valley to see Siberian deer (marals) and mountain goats, but no people. We’ll stop for dinner and rest by the lake and return to the camp.

Day 6
And relax some more…

A day to pick mushrooms, berries and plants, walk to the Kurkure Waterfall, relax in a plunge tub and meditate at sunset, taking in the stunning views of Mount Belukha.

Day 7

Today it’s the final hike — an ascent to 600 m. Our final stop is a place with amazing views of Mount Belukha, the Yedygem Valley and the Mensu Waterfalls. At the end of the ascent we’ll stop to rest and have a bite to eat, and then we’ll go back to the camp for a gala dinner.

Day 8
Time to go

Around 12:00 we’ll take off by helicopter to head to Gorno-Altaysk, rested and full of energy! Check in at the hotel, free time.

Day 9

Transfer to airport. Departure to Moscow.

Why with us

During this whole trip, you’ll be staying in unique eco-tents with a fireplace, sofa and comfy beds, a private bathroom and access to a common water area and a sauna on site. Transfer to the camp by helicopter is included.


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