Siberia: Golden mountains, turquoise rivers, blue lakes

Siberia… The kingdom of eternal winter, severe frost and impassible woods… What if we tell you that Siberia is totally different and show you the land where the temperature can reach 40°C, the snow is only found high up in the mountains and the valleys are covered with blossoming flowers? Join our off-road tour along the southern part of Siberia, to the places where no one has stepped hundreds of kilometers around, where the endless taiga meets the glowing canyons, where the rapid rivers run down from the mountains, bringing life to ancient civilizations, and you will see – this magic is real.

We have designed this route for more than 2 years, striving to combine the untouched sheer beauty of Siberian nature, contrasting landscapes boggling your imagination and a vivid cultural trip, ensuring utmost comfort at the same time. Finally, our goal was achieved. We invite you to spend summer in Siberia and see one of the most mysterious places on the Earth with your own eyes.


Day 1
Gorno-Altaisk, maral deers, the Katun river

Early morning the plane lands in the airport of Gorno-Altaisk (UTC+7), where NFR Travel team meets the group. Heading to a maral deer farm. Light breakfast. Encounter with red deers and introduction to the curative virtues of their horns. Short transfer, accommodation at an eco hotel on the Katun riverside. Russian sauna in the evening.
Distance: 55 km.

Day 2
Chuya highway, Yaloman valley, confluence of rivers

There is nothing better than staring our travel by driving along one of the most beautiful roads in the world – Chuya highway. On the way, we will stop by an ancient sanctuary with rune stones and will reach the point where, surrounded by unapproachable mountain passes, the two biggest rivers of the southern Siberia join together: milk-white Chua and turquoise Katun.

In the evening we will stay at a comfortable tourist center on the bank of the river. A packed and diverse agenda awaits you. You will enjoy horse riding, try on the traditional clothing of the nomadic ethnicities inhabiting this area since ancient times, savor a mouthwatering dinner including local delicacies, listen to the legends of kaichi folk tale narrators, visit a throat singing concert and relax in a Russian steam bath.

Distance travelled: 230 km aboard a comfortable minivan.

Day 3
Ancient petroglyphs, golden mountains

Today we will climb the mountains on a powerful off-roader. Following our spirit of genuine explorers, we will examine ancient petroglyphs on the slopes of the biggest tract of the southern Siberia, the cradle of ancient nomadic civilizations. We will stay the night in cozy cottages situated within the territory of a national park.

Distance travelled: 190 km + 20 km across roadless terrain aboard an off-roader.

Day 4
Martian landscapes, Aktru valley

Welcome to Mars! Aboard an off-roader, we will go towards a river valley, discovering unusual red and yellow canyons and reddish hills. Seems like a Mars Rover is hiding behind one of these hills, isn’t it? Meanwhile our off-roader will bring us up to a picturesque mountain valley, where we will stay at a log house.

Distance travelled: 70 km + 30 km across the roadless terrain aboard an off-roader.

Day 5
Blue mountain lake, Aktru glacier

Early in the morning we will start our trekking route in the valley along the mountain river, enjoying a picnic on the bank of a splendid blue lake with a breathtaking view on a mighty glacier Maliy Aktru.

Trekking: 5 km

Day 6
Mysterious lake of Kidelyu, Katu-Yaryk mountain pass

Descending from a glacier on an off-roader, we will find ourselves in the world-famous Kurayskaya Steppe. Here, we will see a unique geyser blue lake, with its bottom changing every several minutes. Later on, we will head north, passing dozens of spectacular lakes on our way. We will have a stop for a picnic on the bank of a mysterious Kidelu Lake reflecting the Kurayskiy Ridge like a mirror, with the summits covered with snow even during the hottest summer days.

Distance travelled: 140 km + 10 km along the mountain spiral roads.

Day 7
Mushroom stones, Kurkure waterfall and lake Teletskoye

Today we will visit a reservation area, where a lake cruise will take us along the biggest lake of the southern Siberia – the Teletskoye Lake, included in the UNESCO World Heritage List. An interesting fact: the Teletskoye Lake is ranked second after Lake Baikal in terms of freshwater supplies. We will dive into this vast wilderness, contemplating mountain peaks, humming waterfalls, and peaceful bays all day long.

Trekking: 5 km.

Lake Teletskoye, Gorno-Altaisk

After a breakfast, we will launch on a trekking to cascade waterfalls. Having a lunch, we embark on our way back to Gorno-Altaysk. We will pamper ourselves by staying at an impressive 5-star hotel Altay Resort, enjoying a well-deserved rest after a long and vivid trip. We will gather for a farewell dinner in a luxurious restaurant, sharing our photos and experiences of a lifetime.

Trekking: 5 km.

Transfer to the airport

Breakfast and transfer to the airport. Flight departure at 10:05.

Why with us

Launching on a trip across Siberia together with NFR Travel, you can be sure of utmost safety and highest comfort during your upcoming journey. We are proud to work only with well-trusted and secure transport agencies and experienced guides. Accommodation is provided in the best-in-class hotels and tourist centers conveniently located along the route. The transportation during your trip is offered aboard a Mercedes Sprinter as well as motor boats and off-roaders during challenging ascents.


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