Baikal Cruise: From East to West

The locals call it Sea Baikal, enchanted by its boundless aquamarine waters disappearing over the horizon and its mesmerizing depth.

During this cruise you will visit unique natural sights of Baikal remaining out of the reach of ordinary tourists. You will embark on a journey aboard a boat being at your entire disposal. You will also take a bird’s eye view on Lake Baikal from a helicopter. Our cook will spoil you with exquisite dishes following traditional recipes, preparing all kinds of Baikal fish personally caught by you. Together with us, you will become a genuine explorer and examine the diversity of local flora and fauna with a scientist from a national reservation. You will get extremely close to the rookery full of incredible Baikal animals – seals.

NFR Travel invites you to dive into the wild nature of Baikal and its endless waters, leaving all your worries behind.


Day 1
Hello, Baikal!

NFR Travel Team welcomes you at the airport of Irkutsk. Arriving at the lake, we will stay at cozy chalets located right on the shores of Baikal, having some rest after a long flight. A hot Russian steam bath and rejuvenating tubs are a perfect remedy to refresh your energy, followed by a delicious dinner and a peaceful walk in the open air enjoying the tranquility of Baikal.

Day 2
Baikal Biosphere Reserve

After a breakfast, we will head to Baikal Biosphere Reserve on an all-terrain vehicle. We will visit a contemporary interactive exhibition, finding out lots of interesting facts about Baikal and meeting the sable. Walking along a trekking route accompanied by a local guide, we will learn more about the flora and fauna of Baikal. Having dinner, we will return to the hotel and relax in a Russian steam bath.

Day 3
Everyone on board!

In the morning a boat will await us at the berth: we are starting a lake cruise along the Eastern coast of Baikal. Today we will see sandy beaches, rocky capes, and untapped coastal bays, contemplating wonderful landscapes in harmony and quietness. Fishing from the boat is followed by a workshop on the secrets of preparing the freshly caught fish by the chef. We will touch land close to Posolsky Sor, one of the warmest bays of Lake Baikal with a secluded coastland. We will have dinner and swim, enjoying the sun. A perfect way to end up this day is spending the evening by the campfire making marshmallows. We will sleep in comfortable cabins aboard the boat.


Day 4
Beaches, water lilies, and a lighthouse

Continuing our boat cruise, we are heading north. Today we will see Sor-Cherkalovo harbor with blooming water lilies and an impressive Selenga river delta. We can pick any picturesque spot to have a picnic. Today the chef will also show you how to cook a national dish of the Buryatia Republic called buuzy. Our final destination is Turka, a settlement with a lonely lighthouse on a sandy cape. Sleeping in comfortable personal cabins on the boat.


Day 5
Snow hills and green bays

Today we will travel along the stunning panoramas opening up from the boat all day long. We will fish for pike and perch and pass through Barguzinsky bay, enjoying the views on sandy beaches with a mighty mountain chain on the background, stopping by thermal springs. Going round the Svyatoy Nos peninsula, we will head towards Chivirkuysky harbor full of green bays and uninhabited small islands. We will anchor at Zmeinaya bay at night.

Day 6
Encounter with seals

Departing from the Chivirkuysky bay, we will visit the Ushkany Islands to meet the seals. At this time of the year they lie on the stone shores of the islands and enjoy posing to the photographers. After fishing and dining on the boat, we will go to Zama bay to stay the night.

Day 7
Olkhon Island

Leaving the bay, we will discover Maloe More bay. We will unveil a place of power, Ogoy Island, coming ashore to walk around the Buddhist stupa. We will also visit a warm Mukhorsky bay, discover a world-famous rock Shamanka and a picturesque Cape Khoboy, the northernmost point of Olkhon Island. Passing by splendid green harbors, we will dine in a perfect location with a panoramic view on the island and the lake. We will spend the night at a hotel on Olkhon Island or at Maloe More bay.


Day 8
Taking a bird’s eye view on Lake Baikal

In the morning a helicopter will pick us up. Soaring above Lake Baikal, we will observe the surroundings and then fly towards Irkutsk over green hills and rivers (travel time: around 1.5 hours).

Returning to the city, we will dine at a restaurant and head to the airport in the evening (Aeroflot flight departing at 19.40).

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