Kamchatka – The living Earth: volcanoes, bears, the ocean

Three hundred volcanoes covering almost the half of the peninsula, the Pacific Ocean, mighty and powerful, hot springs and rapid mountain rivers – all of these and even more await you in a faraway land of Kamchatka!

Will you dare to look inside an active volcano crater, encounter a bear and swim with sea lions? If your answer is ‘yes’, we invite you to join our summer adventure and discover the Kamchatka Peninsula.



Day 1
Hello, Kamchatka!

NFR Travel team meets you at the Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky Airport (UTC+12). Check in at the mountain resort. Then we will have a lunch and dinner with Kamchatka delicacies and take a swim in a thermal pool.

Day 2
Mutnovsky volcano

Off-road transfer to the base of Mutnovsky volcano (~1.5 hours), starting our trekking route to the active volcanic vent. The trek presents medium difficulty, but it is all worth it when you see the ”boiling soil’’ and steam clouds with your own eyes! On the way back we will visit the Opasny Canyon with its picturesque 80m high waterfall. In the evening we will return to the mountain resort, have dinner and swim in the thermal pool.

Day 3
Gorely volcano

Transfer to the base of Gorely volcano. Get ready for a 3-hour summit ascent leading to several steaming craters. Among them you will discover the Blue Lake crater filled with turquoise acid. Heading to Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky in the evening.

Day 4
Bears of the Kurile lake

Today we will fly to the Kurile Lake by helicopter. Since only armed gamekeepers are allowed to closely approach the bears during the guided tour, you will be accompanied by an accredited professional.

The gamekeeper will take you for boating around the Kurile Lake, where you will see bears fishing and sunbathing. In the evening the helicopter will bring you back to Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky, while our team will transfer you to the resort for the night.

Day 5
Avachinsky volcano

Heading to the Avachinsky volcano pass early in the morning to conquer this summit (2,741m). The ascent time is 5-6 hours on average, while the descent takes 2-3 hours.

The volcano offers a magnificent view: the whole Kamchatka spreads before your eyes! Exploring the  the volcano crater and having a picnic on the top. Relaxed descent, heading to Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky by off-road vehicles.

Day 6
Entering the ocean

After breakfast we are boarding a seagoing catamaran in the Avacha Bay and embark on the cruise. Exploring the Tri Brata (Three Brothers) set of rocks, crossing the Tikhaya Bay (Quiet Bay), Starichkov Island, the Zhirovaya and the Vilyuchinsky Bays close to the Vilyuchinsky volcano. Fishing on the way, we will treat ourselves to a mouthwatering soup from fresh-caught fish. Anchoring at the Vilyuchinsky Bay for the night.

Day 7
Sea lions

Short trekking to the rocky Green Cape. Heading to the south, fishing and dropping anchor next to Kekurny Island. Kekurny Cape is a favorite resting spot for sea lions. Delicate encounter with these curious sea creatures. Taking a short stop to get a closer look at the rookery right at the water surface. Spending night anchored at the Russkaya Bay.

Day 8
End of the cruise

Returning to the Avacha bay. Contemplating the views and fishing. If we get lucky, we will come across not only sea lions, but also orca whales. Finishing the cruise, we will check in at a hotel in Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky.

Day 9
Extra day

Please mind that the weather conditions of Kamchatka are very unpredictable and may affect the tour program. Additional days are vital to ensure the route flexibility and allow for timing adjustments if required, so that the complete itinerary can be followed without cancellations.

If the tour goes as planned, on the last day we will drive to the Pacific Ocean to have a picnic on a black beach with volcanic sand. We will enjoy seafood delicacies, warm up with some mulled wine infused with Kamchatka herbs and share sweet memories about the tour. After the picnic we will stop at a seafood market of Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky to buy fish, caviar, and crabs.

Day 10
Saying goodbye to Kamchatka

Breakfast at the hotel. Transfer to the airport.

Accomodation & Transport

Be ready to experience full immersion into the wild of Kamchatka with maximum comfort. For the first three days you will be accommodated in an intimate eco-house in a mountain glen. Each house is equipped with a thermal pool where you can relax and prepare for the start of the tour. For the next two days you will stay in a hotel in Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky, spending daytime by the Kurile lake and climbing the Avachinsky volcano.

During the sea part of the tour you will rest on a seagoing catamaran boat equipped with three double cabins. The catamaran is fitted with a large dining space, a deck, two latrines and a motorboat for far-reaching trips to grottos and marine caves. Such catamarans have a low-leveled deck so that you can enjoy watching sea creatures very closely, right above the sea surface.

Transfer throughout the tour is organized using modern off-road vehicles, which are perfect for the challenging roads of Kamchatka. One car is arranged for 2-3 people to ensure a comfortable drive.

Flight to the Kurile Lake will be carried out by Mi-8 helicopter.

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Kamchatka’s signature breakfast is fried eggs with crab — bet you have not tried it before! You’ll see volcanoes, the Pacific Ocean and maybe a submarine right outside your window. You’re going to conquer volcanoes and see the living Earth with your own eyes on your trip with us to amazing Kamchatka.

— Natalia Tochilenko
Founder & CEO NFR Travel