Kamchatka sea kayaking

Come and be a genuine adventurer on our sea-kayaking expedition along the Kamchatka Peninsula coast. You’ll explore Kamchatka from the water, you’ll live on the Pacific coast, get to meet local marine life and experience adventures in the wilderness just like Indiana Jones! Paddling a kayak through the waves makes you feel at one with the ocean, this feeling of unity is special. It can’t be put it into words.


Day 1
Hello, Kamchatka!

The plane from Moscow arrives in Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky (UTC+12), where you’ll be welcomed by NFR Travel team. Transfer to the guesthouse. Meeting with the guide to discuss the program and prepare equipment for the expedition. Acclimatization.

Day 2
Towards the ocean

Our expedition starts at Srednyaya Lagernaya Bay. From there, we’ll paddle on kayaks to Tikhaya Bay (Peaceful Bay). Along the way, we’ll explore amazing caves you can only reach by kayak. Overnight stay at the picturesque Tikhaya Bay (Quiet Bay): admire the wonderful sunset views of Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky!

Day 3
Island of a thousand birds

Today, we’ll explore the Starichkov Island Nature Reserve, where 44 nesting colonies of 11 species of birds live, a total of more than 50 thousand feathered individuals! We’ll explore the island its coastal reefs and conical rocks. Overnight stay on the island.

Day 4
From the ocean to the lake

We’ll leave the coast from Sabotazhnaya Bay and head inland to explore Lake Vaivaichik before returning to where began the day. The lake connects to the ocean by a rugged channel and is surrounded by picturesque hills. There will be a stop-off for fishing along the way.


Day 5
Cape and coves

Today, we head to Cape Zelyony (Green Cape). Here, you’ll enjoy the stunning views of the Vilyuchinsky Volcano, covered in clouds. In the ocean you’ll see some local wildlife — killer whales (orca) in their natural habitat. We’ll explore Zhirovaya and Vilyuchinskaya bays — some of the most beautiful places in all Kamchatka!

Day 6
Onwards to Russkaya Bay

Our destination for today is the picturesque bay of Russkaya Bay which we will explore it from the water and along the shore. Overnight stay.

Day 7
Kayaking with sea lions

Round here, the sea lions’ favorite spot is Cape Kekurny where they guard the entrance to Russkaya Bay! We’ll trek to waterfalls and visit a mountain lake — a unique source of fresh water with a high silver content.


Day 8
Spare day

We leave a day spare in case there’s bad weather, which can happen on any of the days. If we’ve completed the program by this point, we’ll go kayaking around Russkaya Bay and enjoy a stroll along the coast.

Day 9
Boat to Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky

Our exciting adventure has almost come to an end! Now it’s time to relax and watch the marine wildlife animals from aboard the boat to Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky.

Overnight stay at the hotel in Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky.

Day 10

Time to say goodbye to Kamchatka! The hotel provides an airport shuttle service.

Extra day
Surfing in Kamchatka

If you still have energy left, why not take on the forces of nature and surf the Pacific waves?

Extra day
A breathtaking helicopter tour to the Kuril Lake

A unique chance to safely observe bears at the lake during fish spawning season.

Extra day
A helicopter tour to the unique Valley of Geysers

You can head to the Valley of Geysers — the only geyser field of Eurasia: there are 40 powerful hot springs in the area of 8 km.

Why with us

A real kayak expedition along the eastern coast of Kamchatka. Every day you’ll be setting up a tent camp in new scenic spots.

When the kayak route is over, you’ll return to Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky onboard a catamaran or another comfortable boat. First and last days of tour you will be accommodated in a 4-star hotel in Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky. Transfer to the airport are by comfortable jeeps.


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For us at NFR Travel, sea-kayaking along the Kamchatka coast has the wow-factor! It’s the perfect escape from civilization and is a total immersion in nature. Every day on Kamchatka is full of amazing discoveries: battling the forces of nature, meeting the wildlife, enjoying awesome views of snow-capped volcanoes through hazy clouds, visiting amazing caves only reachable by kayak. Isn’t it this the adventure you’ve been dreaming of since you were a kid?

— Natasha