Summer in Siberia: high comfort in the wild nature

Siberia is the heart of Russia, a region with an endless variety of flora and fauna, a place where the nature has been reigning for centuries: high mountains, storming mountain rivers and waterfalls, boundless taiga and the mirrorlike surface of the lakes.

More than a journey, this is a genuine transformation divided into three stages: first, encounter with the region and smooth tuning to a brand new rhythm of life; second, diving into the wild nature of Siberia while enjoying utmost comfort; last but not least, the most fruitful part of this reboot is physical and spiritual rejuvenation: healing Siberian herbs, beneficial cedar infusions, and maral baths.


Day 1
5-star resort at the bank of Lake Teletskoye

NFR Travel Team welcomes you at the airport of Gorno-Altaysk, and together we will proceed to a 5-star resort at the bank of the picturesque Teletskoye Lake. After checking-in and having some rest after the flight, we will enjoy an exciting ride on quadricycles surrounded by the boundless taiga. Later on we will embark on a boat tour across the Teletskoye Lake, contemplating Siberian landscapes.

Today an interesting acquaintance awaits us. We will visit an ecological educational camp at Lake Teletskoye, where we will drink herbal tea on a terrace with a splendid view accompanied by Evgeniy, an Ecological Educational Department Expert at Altay Biosphere Reserve. Having dedicated more than 30 years to his vocation, he promotes eco-tourism in Siberia. We will listen to his story and find out many facts about the history, flora, and fauna of this geographical area. Evgeniy will teach us the basics of eco-tourism as well as share some secrets of healing Siberian herbs gathering.

Day 2
Fishing and flying to Ukok Valley

The Teletskoye Lake is notorious for fishing; sig, grayling, burbot – you can boast a great catch after the morning fishing! The main fishermen’s trophy here is taimen, a rare fish reaching up to 80 kg. Since taimen is listed in the Red Book of the Russian Federation, according to the law we will carefully release all the species exceeding 2 kg. After a dinner a helicopter will take us to spectacular Ukok Plateau located at the intersection of Russia, Kazakhstan, China and Mongolia; we will learn about a world-famous princess discovered here, plunging into the mystical aura of ancient mounds, or kurgans.

Day 3
Secret eco-camp lost in Siberian taiga

Today we will find ourselves in a place where mobile phones and laptops are useless. We will fly over the breathtaking green vastness of Siberia on a helicopter, observing the most beautiful valleys, tortuous rivers, and mountain chains from a bird’s eye view. We will land in a secret eco-camp which can only be reached by a helicopter.

This location will become our home for several days. Imagine: only our group and wild nature around us. No phone service and information noise. The camp is situated at the foot of Belukha Mountain, the highest peak of Siberia (4506 m above the sea level), where, as a legend has it, the entrance to legendary Shambala may be found. Numerous esoteric expeditions from all over the world repeatedly headed here; many people feel the unique energy of this place.

After a lunch break we will launch on a calm trekking to get used to the mountain heights. On our way we will pick mushrooms and wild berries: honeyberry, black currant, wild strawberry. The final point of today’s route promises an unforgettable view on Belukha Mountain and the Iedygem river.

Following the dinner, we will listen to national throat singing, jaw’s harp playing and will participate in traditional Altay dances accompanied by live music.

Day 4
Into the wild: green valleys of the Iedygem and Kurkure rivers

Today we will follow the paths of wild animals to conquer a mountain pass where impressive landscapes of the Iedygem and Kurkure river valley will open up in front of our eyes. Seems that no one has set foot here hundreds of kilometers away, doesn’t it? We will then descend to a closed Kurkure valley, where humans are almost never seen; instead, there are marals, mountain goats, and bears living freely. We will dine by the mountain lake and travel back to the camp for a dinner, while in the evening a bath under the stars awaits us.

Day 5
Impressive Belukha Mountain

Today we will discover mount Belukha gracefully soaring above our camp, reaching it by a helicopter. After flying over the highest peak of Siberia, we will land at Lake Akkem at the foot of Belukha. We will enjoy a picnic by the water in this incredibly beautiful valley. Later on we will continue our flight to look at the mountain chains adjacent to Belukha from high above as well as admire the cascades of blue mountain lakes and waterfalls. Our last landing will bring us to a luxurious eco-hotel, where we will stay at cut out private houses built of live-edge cedar.

After a dinner we will meet the Siberian deer, marals, visit the maral breeding farm aimed at pant production (young deer horns) and enjoy rejuvenating healing pant maral baths or other wellness rituals.

Day 6
Cedar Day

Today we will go for a walk in a cedar grove, practicing breathing techniques on our way to soak up the healing power of fresh air in the coniferous forest. In the evening we will have a hot steam cedar bath, drink infused tea enriched with local herbs and taste home-made pine cones jam. Today we will find the key to strong Siberian health for a year ahead!

Day 7
Coming back

Transfer to the airport of Gorno-Altaysk according to the flight departure time.

Why with us

We will spend the first part of our tour in exquisite rooms of a 5-star hotel at the bank of the Teletskoye Lake. On the third day we will head to a secret camp, where we will relax in unique and spacious eco-tents with cozy sofas, luxurious full-size bed and a fireplace. During the final part of our travel, will will stay in superb cut out private houses built of live-edge cedar.

Transfer to the camp is arranged on a helicopter.


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