Russia’s 7 best summer destinations

From golden beaches where you can work on your tan to the glorious peaks of awe-inspiring mountains, Russia has something for everyone. Check our guide which includes destinations to suit every taste!


The Altai Republic

Why go? To see the power of Mother Nature in a distant wilderness Altai is a must for eco-tourists who appreciate and love wild, untouched nature. Located in southern Siberia, the Altai Republic shares borders with Mongolia, China and Kazakhstan. The landscapes here are truly breathtaking: lofty mountains, the rushing waters of the Katun River, infinitely starry skies, lush flora, crystal-clear spring water. It’s all here waiting for you, so come and escape big city life, clear your mind and breathe… How to get there: by plane from Moscow to Gorno-Altaysk, then by car/bus


Mount Elbrus

Why go? To conquer Europe’s highest mountain If you agree that mountains are the best thing in the world, you have to climb Europe’s highest mountain — Elbrus. The landscapes are magnificent: fresh greenery and flower-filled meadows lie under snow-capped peaks, rugged rocky landscapes, and formidable glaciers. This long, difficult but thrilling ascent is far, far from civilization and rewards all those who try. You’ll take away unforgettable memories that will stay with you for the rest of your life. How to get there: by plane to Mineralnye Vody, then by car/bus and on foot


Kamchatka Peninsula, Russian Far East

Why go? To climb one of 300 volcanoes with magnificent vistas over the Pacific Ocean Kamchatka has something to surprise even the most experienced traveller. Here you’ll find the highest active volcano in all Eurasia, beautiful jet-black beaches with volcanic sand and awesome surf, and the noisy Valley of the Geysers. In the north of the peninsula, where Pacific waves wash the shores, you can go explore the coastline paddling along in a kayak, the traditional Inuit boat. How to get there: by plane from Moscow to Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky


Lake Baikal, southern Siberia

Why go? To dive in the world’s deepest lake Lake Baikal, being over 35 million years old, is full of secrets as well as almost 20% of the entire planet’s fresh water. Locals call it the Baikal Sea and treat it like a living creature — they believe that the lake can become angry or upset. When you get here, you’ll find plenty of active ways to spend your time — try diving in the world’s deepest lake; fishing here is a must — some species of fish are found nowhere else on Earth; enjoy the great outdoors and go camping; or just relax on the beach and take it all in. How to get there: by train or plane to Irkutsk, then by car/bus/helicopter


Ruskeala Mountain Park, Karelia

Why go? To explore a former marble quarry A few hours’ drive from St. Petersburg you’ll find Ruskeala, famous for its picturesque marble quarry. As the marble is longer quarried, the quarry is now filled with crystal clear ground water. There is a designated trail for you to explore going all round the quarry, you can row boats on the lake and even dive go scuba-diving. How to get there: by train from St. Petersburg to Sortavala


Manpupuner, Komi Republic

Why go? To see the sacred pillars of the Mansi people The seven impressive, towering stone pillars of Manpupuner are located in the far-off mountains of the Komi Republic, west of the Urals. For millennia, winds and rains have eroded and shaped 200 million year old mountains into these huge pillars. They are sacred to the Mansi people whose legends state that the stone pillars are in fact petrified giants. How to get there: option 1: by plane from Moscow to Syktyvkar, then either by train or car to Yaksha village, then by motor boat and on foot. Option 2: by plane from Moscow to Perm, then by car to Nyrob and further by helicopter


Adygea, southwestern Russia, foothills of the Caucasus Mountains

Why go? Hiking in the wilderness Adygea is an excellent place for those who love hiking in wild, untamed nature. Here you can raft on rushing mountain rivers, explore awesome waterfalls and karst caves or go climbing. According to a legend of the Adyghe people, Mount Fisht is the place where Prometheus was to be chained for all eternity. How to get there: by plane to Krasnodar or Sochi, then by bus/car

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