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Kamchatka: a helicopter adventure around the peninsula

Imagine traveling to the edge of the world, where the waters of the mighty Pacific Ocean meet the Sea of Okhotsk, where hot thermal springs make the soil melt, where ice-cold mountain rivers stream towards the ocean, and the lakes hide in volcano craters, with smoke raising above the steam vents…

You will fly all over Kamchatka on a helicopter and admire the peninsula aboard a yacht as well.

During our journey you will spot wild animals in their natural habitat: hundreds of species of birds and fish, killer whales and sea lions, wolves and foxes, whales, deer and brown bears!


Days 1-2
Arrival. Bear fishing.

Arriving at the airport of Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky, we will head to a hotel to have some rest after a long flight, getting some energy for our tour packed with exciting activities.

On the following day a private helicopter will take us to Kurile Lake, where we will watch the wild sockeye salmon spawning as well as the bears fishing by the lake. We will observe wild animals in their natural habitat, taking plenty of photos. On our way back we will fly over a spectacular valley of pumice and Ksudach volcano, returning to the hotel afterwards.

Day 3
The Geyser Valley

In the morning the helicopter will again welcome us on board, since we are flying to the Geyser Valley! During 1.5 hour flight, we will witness countless natural landscapes of stunning beauty: from volcano craters to acid lakes with turquoise water. Landing in the valley, we will start a walking tour to visit 18 geysers. An experienced guide will tell us the story of this unique place. We will as also see the Uzon volcano and the Western thermal field; later on, we will get on board the helicopter one more time to discover Kronotsky Nature Reserve, where we will stay the night at a guest house right on the bank of the river. On our way back, we will make a stop at Olga Bay, where, hoping for good luck, we may see whales.

Days 4-6
Kronotsky Nature Reserve

We will dedicate the following three days to Kronotsky Nature Reserve.

On the first day we will enjoy a lake boat tour in this wildlife sanctuary, with a scientist joining us to share many interesting facts on local nature. On the second day we will climb the Kronostkaya Sopka, where a picturesque view opens up on the lake and its surroundings. We will spend the night at the houses located on the territory of the national park.

On the third day early in the morning we will start our walking tour across the Kronotsky Nature Reserve – 26 km surrounded by the virgin nature of Kamchatka. We will be accompanied by quadricycles transporting our belongings. Riding a quadricycle can be arranged as an optional activity.

Days 7-8
The Pacific Ocean and mysterious tundra

On the seventh day of our trip, we will embark on a motor boat sea journey along the coast of the Pacific Ocean; we will see the eagles soaring high up in the sky, the bears walking along the coast and – if we get lucky – whales.

On the following day we will be trekking across the tundra in search of various wild animals encountered here easily: bears, deer, foxes, and wolves. We will stay the night at local private houses.

Days 9-10
Kluchevskaya Sopka

Kluchevskaya Sopka is the biggest active volcano of Eurasia. Reaching it by a helicopter, we will stroll through the surroundings, wander in the Dead Forest and lava field: somewhere it is still warm after the Tolbachik volcano eruption in 2012. In the evening we will come back to Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky, so that on the following day we can have some free time to walk around the city and search for genuine local souvenirs.

Day 11
Sailing on a yacht along the shores of the Pacific Ocean

Today we can relax during a sea journey on a yacht for the whole day. We will visit Starichkov Island (Murrelet Island), the biggest nestling spot of a rare bird called murrelet. You can go fishing; for dinner we will savor local seafood delicacies brought to us by an experienced diver from the ocean by request. On the menu: sea urchins, crabs and an authentic ukha fish soup prepared by our chef.

Days 12-13
Extra days

We are planning these extra days in advance in case of unforeseen weather conditions. Anyways, we will do everything possible to make them rich in activities: the nature of Kamchatka can never get boring!

Day 14
Goodbye, Kamchatka!

It’s time to go back home. Now you have memorable photos with adorable brown bears and lots of breathtaking stories to share!

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