Siberia: surviving in the wild taiga

You’ll no doubt have heard of the Trans-Siberian Railway, perhaps you’ve even thought about taking it someday. Most of the route is through the boundless Siberian taiga forest and its small, far-flung villages. Yes the view is amazing, but you can’t feel the real spirit of the taiga or see how people live there just by looking out the window. So, how about actually experiencing for yourself what life’s like in this distant Siberian wilderness? Come and immerse yourself in this place with its vast snowdrifts and virtually not another human soul for miles and miles around.


Day 1
Where am I?

The plane leaves Moscow at night, then lands the next morning in the Siberian city of Novokuznetsk (UTC+7). You’ll be welcomed by NFR Travel team, then the next leg of the trip begins; we’ll go by a comfortable off-road SUV and head into the Siberian taiga. It’s an 80 km drive to the Ozerki recreation center for acclimatization and to prepare for the next stage of the journey. In the afternoon, you can either visit the Shor community to learn about and get acquainted with the local culture, or visit the Gulag Museum which is located on the site of a genuine camp from Stalin’s times.

Day 2
The expedition begins

We’ll start the day early at the recreation center, and by evening we’ll have reached a place where time stands still. First off it’s a train ride (the only quick, comfortable way to go) and once arrived, we’ll hop on snowmobiles to go deeper into the taiga through snowdrifts. We’ll make our way to the foot of the Kuznetsk Alatau range, which takes about 4 hours. The accommodation is rustic but comfortable — it’s cabins with the basic amenities.

Today, our expedition is just beginning: how long this takes, depends entirely on the weather conditions, and of course, how much snow there is. Nature rules in these parts, but we have experienced guides, so rest assured we won’t get lost!

Day 3

Today is the right day to enjoy the tranquility and grandeur of nature in these snowy surroundings. There are miles and miles of pure white snow, great fir trees and total, utter silence. You can ski into the woods, try your hand at chopping wood and use it to keep the stove going. Your hard work will pay off and make the local ritual of drinking herbal teas with jelly (that’s jam for travelers from outside north America) all the cozier. Oh, and don’t forget to make a snow angel!

Day 4
To the snowy peaks

It’s up into the high mountain peaks today to reach the perfectly named Mount Dvuglavaya (the two-headed mountain) and also go along the ridge of Podnebesnye Zubya — named for its resemblance to teeth in the heavens! On snowmobiles we’ll zip through snow-filled valleys, making our way through the forest amongst the innumerable trees. We’ll ride over a landscape of rocks, cliffs and frozen lakes. The views are spectacular, especially in the frosty mountain air. This is going to be awesome, particularly if you’ve not driven a snowmobile before, what a place for your first time!

Day 5
A day of silence

After yesterday’s exertions, we’ll take it easy today to recharge and reset. Enjoy your time away from it all. We might even catch a wintry, pink sunset.

Day 6
Traveling with a true traveler

Have you ever met a genuine traveler? Here in the taiga, lives Sergei Kozin with his wife Svetlana. Sergei is a true traveler — he’s been to the distant land of the Kamchatka peninsula, and he’s climbed virtually all the Siberian peaks. He is the epitome of hospitality and will happily share his stories of the Far North where he floated along rivers and filmed bird markets. Svetlana is Sergei’s ideal fellow traveler — she thrives here in the taiga.


Day 7
Where next?

The coolest thing, so to speak, in the taiga is that there is absolutely no need to go anywhere special. Just jump on a snowmobile or don your skis and head out to nowhere in particular. Dive into the nearest fluffy snowdrift, or even stay home all day. Why not?

Day 8
The road back to civilization

Have I gone local enough? Now, it’s time to head back so get ready to hit the road, but as a renewed traveler.

It’s another snowmobile ride through the snowy forest. Then a train ride, then a car ride along the highway. Of course, as in real life, everything may not turn out to be straightforward. So, in bad weather, you may well end up staying put for a day or two. If the weather favors us, we’ll spend the night at the hotel in Novokuznetsk.

Day 9

With a clear mind and vivid impressions of the taiga, we return to Moscow. See you later, Siberia! You’re going to miss the silence of the forest.

Accomodation & Transport

The journey into depths of the Siberian taiga will begin at a comfortable guesthouse and end in a 4-star hotel in Novokuznetsk. During the main part of the trip — for 6 nights — you’ll be accommodated in ascetic taiga house, where you’ll have to heat the stove and cook food for yourself. The route includes 4 days of active snowmobile rides.

Not included
  • Accommodation: 1 night at a comfortable guesthouse, 6 nights at a house in the taiga forest, 1 night at a 4* hotel.
  • Full program: 9 days, 8 nights. Activities: snowmobile journeys, living in deep taiga, cooking, domestic life, skiing, Russian bath.
  • Transport: transfer from the airport to the guesthouse, train, snowmobiles, transfer to the airport. 4 days of snowmobile rides. During the whole stay in the taiga (7 days) the snowmobile drivers and the vehicles will always be nearby.
  • Meals: the expedition is called Survival in the Taiga, so you will need to cook food for yourself. We will provide you with all the necessary products (based on your type of diet) and suggest recipes to make traditional Siberian dishes.
    This route is a real expedition. Therefore, we do not guarantee that the itinerary will be adhered to. As the weather is beyond our control, we sometimes make adjustments to the travel itinerary. We provide maximum security.
  • Equipment: mattresses and pillows, sleeping bags for accommodation in the house in the taiga, headlamps, felt boots, sheepskin coats, earflaps, mittens (the most appropriate clothing for the taiga), axes and saws, skis, shovels for cleaning the snow, kitchen utensils.
  • Additional means of keeping warm: warm isothermal bedspreads, warm boots for snowmobile trips, self-heating elements for fastening onto clothes.
  • Satellite phone for emergency calls. Walkie-talkies for communication between group members.
  • Electricity: from 19:00 to 23:00, however, there may be outages.
  • Sealed bags.
  • A first aid kit.
  • You will be staying in the taiga with a real Siberian. His knowledge of English is sufficient only to teach you how to survive in the taiga. But be ready to run your own house — cooking etc.
  • A tourist invitation for a tourist visa for Russia. Article: «How to get a visa for Russia».
  • A Russian visa: a tourist invitation is provided by NFR Travel company. Article: «How to get a visa for Russia».
  • Comprehensive travel insurance — for your safety and also required for the visa.
  • Citizens of the Russian Federation need to buy travel insurance.

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Although I was born in Russia, I imagined that an expedition to the taiga would feel more like going to outer space rather than a train journey. Things are very, very different here: you don’t think about business or meetings anymore, because life revolves around figuring out how heat up water for a bath, building a fire to keep warm, even digging out a «door» into a meter-high snowdrift to get outside. This really presents a genuine adventure, if you’re up for the challenge… And it’s something you’re never going to forget. Ever.

— Natasha / Founder & CEO NFR Travel